• About Us

  • The Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce is the oldest Chamber in the immediate area dating from 1922. We are a unique Chamber that is focused on the economic and lifestyle well being related to a small but successful City with a long coastline. Today, as it was long ago, Pismo Beach is a popular tourist resort. We are consistently rated as one of the 25 best beaches in California. Indeed, out of the 430 California cities that exist on TOT – or bed tax as some say – we are number 5. The success of our membership is intimately tied to the nearly 2.5 million visitors to Pismo Beach annually and therefore our retail economy thrives when our hotels and tourist trades thrive. In fact, we are the largest visitor destination in San Luis Obispo County.

    We are also fortunate enough to have an intimate but non-dependent relationship with our City Council and City Staff. A City Council member and at least one City Staff member participates in each of our Board meetings. We frequently brief City Staff and the City Council on what we believe our members wish to advocate. Communications are strong. This is a membership asset that no other surrounding City-Chamber relationship can offer its members.

    As the Pismo Beach Chamber, we therefore function as both a critical resource to the City and a strong advocate for our members. We advocate strongly on the behalf of our members as we recently demonstrated regarding ill-advised placement of public restrooms adjacent to high quality tourist hotels and restaurants. Each City in the area has a unique set of characteristics and issues and therefore each Chamber of Commerce must represent what is best for the businesses of each City.

    Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member, or apply online here.


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