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    The Pismo Chamber has introduced an exciting program to help drive customers to your door. Pismo Pass is a discount card that is purchased for a minimal annual fee by consumers. The consumer will present the card at your business to gain access to special discounts you will offer to the cardholders.

    The discount can be a set for the year or you can change it as your business needs. There is no minimum discount required. We ask that you provide a discount that is both valuable to the consumer and beneficial to your business. You must assure your staff is trained on the program and discount available to assure consumers are getting the benefits of their memberships.
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    By checking the box above you agree to the following: - You will offer a discount to Pismo Pass cardholders - You will assure your staff is trained and aware of the discounts you offer - You will offer the discount through December 31st of the current year
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